tomato salad

Elegant Tomato salad

I’m usually not impressed by baby vegetables. They tend to have no more flavor than fully developed ones at triple the cost… To be clear, I am talking about “real” baby vegetables here, not mechanically tumbled, fully grown carrot sticks. Tomatoes are definitely an exception. Cherry, grape, and other small varieties are technically not “baby” vegetables as they are fully developed and not artificially stunted. They are flavorful powerhouses and full of nutrition and they’re very easy for the home gardener. My 3 year old son loves to pick and eat them right off the vine!

Baby herbs are another exception, as the leaves carry plenty of flavor. As with tomatoes, I love to grow herbs and I use them minutes after picking them from the plant!

For a simple, yet elegant appetizer salad take sungold or rose-pink cherry tomatoes, quarter them, crush a little savory herb, lemon balm, or holy basil in your hand (use the new, baby leaves), toss them in just enough walnut oil to coat them and sea salt and fresh pepper at the end. It’s that easy but I guarantee this one’s a showstopper…

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