Ann Arbor Restaurant Week (AARW) took place last week in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take advantage of the specials and check out an Italian spot I’ve been wanting to try! For those who aren’t familiar, several restaurant’s in Ann Arbor participate by offering one 3 course meals for $25 each or two 3 course meals for $25. AARW is a great deal for food lovers to come and experience great dining at a restaurant they have never tried before or to frequent one of their all time favorites!  Argiero’s participated in AARW and offered dinner for 2 for $25 which included your choice of the following:

  • First Course:
    • Cup of homemade Minestrone Soup
    • Small house salad
  • Second Course:
    • Chicken Parmesan served with penne & meatsauce
    • Eggplant Sauce served over spaghetti accompanied by cheese ravioli
    • Spinach Lasagna served with manicotti
  • Third Course:
    • Mini Cannoli’s

Argiero’s Italian Restaurant has been open since 1977 and was founded by Rosa, her husband, and their four children. This quaint Italian treasure lives a couple of blocks away from Main Street on a quiet little corner, at 300 Detroit Street.

Argiero’s is currently ran by Rosa Argiero‘s two sons, Sam & Carmin. I had the pleasure of interacting with Carmin within 30 seconds of walking in the door. He greeted my guest and I with a smile and quickly arranged for a table for two. This was impressive to me because typically, you don’t find the owner of a restaurant greeting guests at the door as they arrive!

Argiero’s has a close-to-home home feeling. The atmosphere is quite charming. When you walk into the establishment you are surrounded by family photos on the wall, checkered red and white tables, friendly and accommodating staff, light and soft music heard over the speakers. Not too overpowering, but just enough to make you want to dance underneath the stars with your love.  Also, the smell of fresh Italian ingredients coming from the kitchen was delicious!

Enough about the way the place looks, I want to tell you how it tastes! It tastes homemade. Simply put, it really does taste homemade. It tastes like there is a grandma in the kitchen cooking up each and every dish! For my 3 course meal I chose:

-House salad
-Eggplant Sauce served over spaghetti accompanied by cheese ravioli

The salad was a refreshing start to my meal, but the main dish was what sold me! The description described the Eggplant Sauce as spicy, and that it was. The cheese filled ravioli that was plated along side the spaghetti toned down the heat a little. You could tell by just looking at the ravioli that it was homemade. I don’t know how they stuff it, or what exactly the filling is made of, but it is heavenly. I was expecting that it might be a little overpowering, or rich, as most ravioli fillings that I’ve had are, but hat wasn’t the case here. It was smooth, creamy, and had a light ricotta taste seasoned with the perfect match of herbs.

The cannoli was BY FAR the best part of my experience there. I’m not a sweets person. In fact, I usually pass on dessert, but it happened to be included this time! Cannoli’s remind me of trips to the bakery when I was little with my Dad, I decided to go with it, and oh my goodness, I am so happy I did! This cannoli was the best one I’ve ever had! The exterior was crunchy, not soggy from the filling. And the filling, OH MY…the filling! The filling made the entire dessert and it was just brilliant! It was like satin in my mouth and it was so fluffy. The minute I savored one bite, I couldn’t wait to put the next one in my mouth. As I was eating it, I wished it was never ending. As I am writing about it, I wish I had one right at this very moment. I hardly crave sweets, and my mouth is now watering.

If I had to describe Argiero’s in three words I would sum it up like this:

Family oriented. Splendid. Charming.

Trust me when I say. you will love that this dainty restaurant on Detroit Street. It’s right near Kerry Town in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is one of my favorite places to visit. If you are looking for an enjoyable, affordable place to dine, I encourage you to take your spouse, family member, or friend toArgiero’s! You won’t be disappointed, and you won’t be breaking your bank either! The food is authentic, delicious, and just wonderful! And please, please, please, try their cannoli’s! Even if you don’t like dessert. ;)


Article by: Amanda Hoffman

Gourmet Italian 2011

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