Kaniwa : The Next Superfoodkaniwaraw

Meet the New Perfect Protein

Have you heard what Dr. Oz has been raving about? There’s a new superfood in town, and it’s called Kaniwa.

It’s related to Quinoa, but it’s better than Quinoa.

Read on to discover why you should add this nutritional powerhouse to your healthy eating plan!

What is Kaniwa?

Kaniwa is a nutrient-dense seed from the goosefoot family that is prepared and used like a grain. Much like its cousin Quinoa, it has an ancient Incan and Aztec heritage and has been grown in South America for centuries.

What makes Kaniwa so healthy?

Kaniwa is an excellent source of protein, so it’s ideal for anybody who needs to boost protein levels, such as vegans and vegetarians. It’s also an excellent source for iron, fiber, antioxidants, and amino acids.

How is Kaniwa better than Quinoa?

Roland Kaniwa

Roland Kaniwa

Just like Quinoa, Kaniwa is naturally gluten free and presents well with a wide variety of foods. However, it also offers some additional benefits.
· It lacks the saponins coating Quinoa has, so it doesn’t require the extra rinsing to avoid a “soapy” flavor
· The seed is even smaller in size than Quinoa, so it cooks quickly

What are some options for adding Kaniwa to my dietary plan?

Here are a few suggestions to enjoy this amazing “grain” in your plan for healthy eating:
· The seed has a nutty flavor and complements a wide variety of meats, seafoods, and other savory foods
· Acts as a healthy oatmeal substitute when combined with milk and a natural sweetener
· Use in place of pilaf or rice in dishes
· Excellent tossed in leafy green or bean salads
· Prepare by toasting in a dry skillet, then transfer to a pot and cook two parts water to one part Kaniwa

I’m convinced! Where can I find Kaniwa?

You can buy Kaniwa here at Gourmet Italian.

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