Sansone Fusti Storage

Sansone FustiTop quality storage for food grade liquids.

When it comes to practical, long-term storage of food grade liquids, it’s best not to compromise on safety, right? Besides, who wants to invest in a bulk purchase of olive oil or balsamic vinegar if you can’t protect the quality?

Nobody. That’s why if you’re someone who needs to store liquids safely, you’ll want to protect you investment—you need a fusti!

What makes a fusti the right choice for storing liquids?

Fusti containers are an Italian invention for the safe storage of liquids, such as olive oil, vinegar, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, alcohol, honey, syrup, soy sauce, water, and more.

In a fusti the liquid is fully enclosed in the container but not accessed by opening a lid—a critical feature, because opening a container with a lid exposes the contents to air and harmful bacteria, which can cause contamination. Instead, the contents of a fusti are released by a spigot, giving you control over the volume and rate of release while still ensuring the contents are protected.

This design feature makes fustis an excellent option for practical and long-term storage of food grade liquids. When it comes to consumables, you definitely want to protect the contents for health and safety reasons, and to cover your financial investment.

Plus, who wants to open a container to discover rancid or spoiled food? Not us.

What makes Sansone fustis the right choice in fusti storage?

Cheap fustis are made with “folded” interior metal seams which can trap food particles; this can actually cause rancidity and spoiling because it is difficult to clean them thoroughly.

Sansone fustis are made of quality, 18/10 stainless steel and welded without interior seams to ensure that foods stay fresh and bacteria free. Plus, they are easy to keep clean with simple kitchen detergent and water.

I have a small kitchen! Will my Sansone fusti fit into my small space?

Maybe you live with a small kitchen, micro-pantry—or even in a tiny house—and storage is a premium! If so, no worries; fusti storage can still beneficial and practical for you!

Sansone fustis are beautifully designed and look great on a kitchen countertop—but if you want to keep your counter space free, you can also select the appropriate sized stand to elevate the fusti which allows you to get more use out of your countertop space.
The sleek design complements traditional, Mediterranean, or farmhouse style homes, as well as contemporary or modern homes.
Your fusti can be stored in your kitchen, tucked away in a cabinet, or crammed into your pantry—the spigot will allow you easy access even if you’ve got the fusti hidden in a niche!

What a great product! Where can I buy a Sansone fusti?

You can find a wide variety of Sansone fusti options here at Gourmet Italian Food Store.

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