Flavor + Quality = Olimila

If you’re looking for a fresh way to make dinner a little more exciting, you can’t go wrong with Olimila’s line of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and other seasoning products. In fact, your only mistake would be ignoring this flavorful line of quality, all-natural pantry foods.

But we know you need to know a little more to discover why we’re so excited about Olimila—so read on!

What Olimila products are available?

Gourmet Italian is pleased to carry a wide variety of Olimila products, including:

  • Balsamic vinegars
  • Extra virgin olive oils
  • Hand-stuffed olives
  • Sea salts infusions
  • Flavored sugars

But what makes Olimila so awesome is the quality of the ingredients they use!

What makes Olimila products so special?

The Olimila line of products are made of all-natural, quality ingredients, and they leave out the nasty stuff. In fact, they promise everything is non-GMO, gluten free, and with no artificial flavors.

So that’s what they leave out—but we also know when you find out what goes into Olimila products, you’ll be just as impressed as we are!

  • Balsamic vinegar products are imported from Modena, Italy, with options including an 18 year aged balsamic vinegar, as well as multiple flavors: strawberry, dark chocolate, savory garlic, coconut lime, ripe fig, royal pomegranate, and more.
  • Extra virgin olive oils are imported from Italy and available in rich flavors, such as garden fresh basil, blood orange, Meyer lemons, and even “top-shelf” EVOOs: signature Ascolano, Australian Picual, California Koroneiki, and more.
  • Hand-stuffed olives are bottled plump and juicy, and stuffed with quality ingredients, such as fresh garlic, jalapeno, smoked almond, bleu cheese, and more.
  • Tasty sea salts are perfect for brining or seasoning, and infused with quality ingredients, such as lemon, ghost pepper, roasted garlic, Spanish rosemary, black and white truffle, and more.
  • Flavored artisan sugars are made with natural raw cane sugar, and flavored with quality ingredients, such as clove, cinnamon, dark cocoa, ginger, lemon, habanero, toasted coconut, and more.

The flavors are rich and bold, and make it easy to dress up a simple meal into something truly exciting!

How will Olimila make my cooking easier?

The difference between a bland meal and a great meal is all in the seasoning! In fact, you can take food from boring to gourmet simply by adding high-quality flavor.

Don’t believe us? Read on for a few fresh ideas that will add some serious zing to your next meal!

But this just scratches the surface of Olimila flavors! View the entire line of Olimila products to catch a true glimpse of the possibilities.

I love it! Where can I buy Olimila products?

You can find a wide variety of Olimila products in various flavors here at Gourmet Italian.

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