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FrinsaDelNoroesteFishQuality Seafood—Fast!

In a world packed with people looking for ways to eat healthy and save time, Frinsa is a great way to meet your health goals and save yourself time!

Read on to discover why we believe Frinsa is the perfect choice for lunch at work, dinner with your family, or a night out with friends—any place you can enjoy food!

What makes Frinsa a quality choice for seafood?

Frinsa maintains high standards to ensure they only offer quality. All of their seafood is imported from Spain. Every tender piece is hand selected, trimmed by hand, and packed by hand. They don’t use machines to do what only the human eye can truly identify—the finest in quality seafood!

Plus, all of their seafood is sustainably harvested and dolphin safe, so you can feel good knowing you are putting your money toward a company and a product that cares about the environment and works hard to avoid overfishing.

How will Frinsa save time?

Because Frinsa is packaged in tin or jar containers, its portable! Whether you’re enjoying a lavish picnic meal in the park or throwing together a speedy lunch at work, you’re going to love the convenience of having quality seafood you can bring anywhere because it doesn’t require refrigeration.

And because you don’t have to deal with freezing and thawing, Frinsa is always ready to go! Just open the container and you’re already halfway through food prep. Toss on a salad. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice and olive oil on top, add fresh chives or sliced olives, and enjoy on top of crackers, warm bread, and more—a simple way to enjoy tapas just like in Spain. Pair with wine or sangria and serve hot or cold—the options are just about endless!

What types of seafood does Frinsa offer?

From the conventional to the unusual, Frinsa offers several seafood options for you to enjoy!

  • Tuna
  • Sardines
  • Octopus
  • Cockles

Go simple or go wild—the choice is yours!

What a great product! Where can I buy Frinsa seafood?

You can find Frinsa seafood here at Gourmet Italian.

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