Health and Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

The olive tree has long been thought of, as a gift from a Greek goddess, who has bequeathed it to the ancient people of Greece. You can never underestimate the immense benefits one can get from this wonderful present. Olive oil has been around since time immemorial. It was and continues to be a vital part of the lives of those in the Mediterranean regions. As early as 5,000 B.C., olives were cultivated around the Mediterranean basin. From then on, it has spread unstoppably around a number of countries leaving an indelible mark to their lives agriculturally and medicinally. Discovering, and experimenting with olive products is tantamount to unearthing its wonders.

Health Benefits and HDL’s

Organic olive oil is basically a monounsaturated fat which is very rich in lipoproteins and HDLs (good cholesterol.) They are a producer of good fatty acids which, if taken in high amounts, do not depreciate one’s health. In fact, it is a good protective component against diseases and ageing. Also, it guards our bodies from bad cholesterol and LDLs or low density lipoproteins. It has become an essential inclusion to the Mediterranean diet due to its apparent beneficial quantities. The oil extracted from the fruit naturally conserves the aroma, essence, and the nutritional properties of olives. It is also highly rich in antioxidants which is also beneficial to our health.

One of the many illnesses it combats is the very famous Heart Disease. Recent studies purport that people who take in about 2 tablespoons of virgin olive oil daily for a week demonstrate lesser bad cholesterol levels and a surge of the antioxidant phenol in the bloodstream. Extra virgin olive oil, among its types, is considered as the best source of these antioxidants since it undergoes less overall processing. This healing fat is known also for its wonder of battling Colon Cancer. Olive oil promotes a healthy digestion and thus lessens one’s risk of having colon cancer. A study supports the preventive component of this monounsaturated fat against this disease. Rats supplemented with olive oil showed a slim chance of colon cancer compared to those fed with safflower oil. Daily problems such as indigestion, constipation and LBM are never to be worried about with the help of this wonder oil. Daily consumption of this nutritive oil also eases symptoms of ulcer and gastritis.


Olive Oil and Beauty

Olive oil is known as a skin’s best friend since it is highly rich in Vitamin E and phenols. Due to this fact, olive oil has been incorporated on many cosmetic products. Good thing is that olive oil can be consumed directly or applied superficially to the skin and hair for aesthetic purposes. It can be applied as a moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin. It re-hydrates the skin cells giving a youthful and glowing appearance. For those who dread their noticeable ageing, this is also known as a great oil to prevent wrinkles and stretch marks. When applied on lips, it can bring back moisture which avoids cracking and chapping. Add to that your nails, and olive oil nourishes them as well as softening cuticles. When applied onto hair, it prevents flaking of the scalp which prevent dandruff, hair fall, and split ends.

Not just limited to cooking, olive oil has graced itself as a good health-protective and cosmetic beauty additive. You will never run out of helpful ways to use this amazingly versatile product.


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