Gradassi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

gradassioliveoilQuality Is a Family Legacy.

When it comes to choosing your favorite olive oil, there are a lot of options. Maybe too many. And sometimes having a lot of choice means it can be confusing about where to start.

Thankfully we can make your life a little easier on this one—Gradassi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a favorite EVOO choice among Italians, and is simply among the best olive oil on the market.

What makes Gradassi Extra Virgin Olive Oil so special?

The Gradassi family has been making olive oil since 1639. Multiple generations have practiced the same method for producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil available.

The Gradassi family starts with the finest Moraiolo olives, and uses natural cold drip slow extraction methods to draw oil from the fruit. The process is conducted by the use of a Sinolea mill that reduces stress on the olives. They refuse to practice other known extraction alternatives that speed up the process, such as applying pressure, centrifuge techniques, or water to the fruit, because it reduces the natural antioxidants in the oil.

Simply put, patience is a virtue in making some of the best extra virgin olive oil on the planet!

In fact, Gradassi maintains such a high standard in quality that their products bear a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label granted by the European Union. This designation, signified by a logo on the bottle, confirms a designated region of production and validates that traditional methods were used to create the product, resulting in an item of the highest quality.

What flavors are available?

GradassiCentenaria17ozGourmet Italian is pleased to carry the following Gradassi Extra Virgin Olive Oil products:

  • Gradassi Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gradassi White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gradassi Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gradassi Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gradassi Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gradassi Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gradassi Pinzimonio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (with Balsamic Vinegar)
  • Gradassi “Centenaria” Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gradassi “Fiore d’Autnno” Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gradassi “Lo Sgocciolato” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

These products make dinner easy! Use any of the oils as a time-saving, “single ingredient” marinade for a dish that is attractive, simple to prepare, and tasty.

How do I use Gradassi Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my cooking?

You can use your choice of Gradassi extra Virgin Olive Oil in any dish where oil is required, from savory foods to sweets.

  • Lemon is a great choice for fluffy lemon cake or Italian Lemon Drop cookies
  • Use Black Truffle or White Truffle to add earthy qualities to steak or seafood
  • Add Pinzimonio to your hamburger for a tangy kick
  • Try pan frying lightly breaded prawns, with crushed peppercorn, in Pepper for salt-and-pepper prawns
  • Just about any flavor is great drizzled over salad or veggies

I love it! Where can I buy Gradassi Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

You can find Gradassi Extra Virgin Olive Oil in various flavors here at Gourmet Italian.

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