Storage for Life.

When you’ve invested your hard-earned money in bulk food-related purchases, such as olive oil, grape seed oil, and more, it’s frustrating to open a container and discover it has gone rancid.

Worse yet, it could make someone sick.

Protect your investment by storing your liquids in a high-quality fusti container, and you’ll never be concerned with liquid storage safety again!

What are fusti containers?

A “fusti” is a stainless steel container specifically designed to safely hold oils, honey, and other liquids, for long–term storage.

Once liquids are stored inside, the contents are released by spigot in order to prevent contamination resulting from repeatedly opening and closing the container.

What is the right fusti container for me?

Quality is critical! Cheap fusti containers are produced from low quality stainless steel that is “folded” and results in “seams” in the interior. These seams can cause food particle accumulation and are a contributing cause to bacterial contamination and rancidity.

Quality containers are built without interior seams to eliminate the possibility of food accumulation.

It’s also important to look for lids designed to seal properly, and that high-quality stainless steel is used in the product.

Fusti containers come in a variety of sizes, from 3 liters to 50 liters, making them useful for both home and commercial applications. Plus, the sleek, stainless steel design is a beautiful addition to your kitchen countertop or pantry!

Who might use a fusti container?

A fusti makes a perfect gift for any chef, restaurateur, or budding food artist! It’s practical for at-home use, and useful in commercial applications.

In addition, any organization or event where large servings of food are stored and prepared—such as food pantries, churches, and other organizations—would find a fusti both practical and beneficial to food safety.

I love it! Where can I find a fusti container?

You can find fusti containers in various sizes here at Gourmet Italian.

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