Charcoal Seasoning

Charcoal Seasoning: The New Black


Everyone loves the flavor of foods grilled on an open charcoal flame, but it isn’t always easy to find the time to take out the grill, clean it, prep the charcoals, grill, and clean up.

Take a shortcut with charcoal seasoning!


What is charcoal seasoning?

Charcoal seasoning is the new kitchen essential. It ranks high as one of the most useful seasoning options to keep stocked in your pantry because of its taste and many varied applications. It offers you all the flavor and color of charcoal grilling with the convenience of a simple seasoning rub.


What foods go well with charcoal seasoning?

Charcoal seasoning is tasty on any type of meat, including:

  • beef, such as steaks and hamburgers
  • shrimp, fish, scallops, and other seafood
  • pork chops and ribs
  • leg of lamb
  • poultry


In addition, charcoal seasoning also offers you a quick and easy option for adding smoky flavor to your marinades and sauces. Simply spoon small quantities of the product into your sauce until you have achieved the desired flavor, marinade if desired, cook, and enjoy.


Who else might find charcoal seasoning useful? 


Charcoal seasoning is also helpful for those who may not own charcoal grills, such as individuals or families living in apartments or town homes, or for people who may find it inconvenient or impractical to keep or use charcoal—including the elderly or people who enjoy traveling.


Have you ever planned a backyard party with grilled hamburgers on the menu, but got rained out? With charcoal seasoning, you might have to move the party indoors but at least you don’t have to sacrifice any of that charcoal flavor or color! And by using seasoning instead of pulling out the grill, you even reduce carbon emissions.


I’m convinced! Where can I find charcoal seasoning? 

You can find charcoal seasoning here at Gourmet Italian.

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